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Rish Equipment Company GE Electric Wheel Motor Rebuild

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When a wheel motor enters the shop, an initial inspection is performed.  Then the unit is torn down.  

WM enters shop








Each piece is cleaned, inspected, measured with specifications recorded and placed in basket to be covered.  No piece ever touches the floor.

parts washer  clean parts  parts covered

Ergonomics and SAFETY are of utmost importance at our rebuild facility and all of Rish Equipment.  As such we have installed specialized fixtures to aid our technicians with wheel motor repairs.  Depending on the stage of repair, the wheel motor is either bolted to a fixture that allows the unit to be rotated.  When locked in its vertical position, catwalks are installed.  Again to improve ergonomics and safety.

rotating stand

A second fixture is actually raised and lowered around the stationary wheel motor, allowing 360o access to the exterior of the unit.  In addition to safety, efficiency and turn-around time is improved.

 vert fixture

Upon completion, be assured you are installing a premium rebuilt component on your machine.

 wm1  wm 2